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A Wolf's life

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
12:43 am - Going Away for a while.
Well, this is it my LJ groupies, everyone who has stuck with me through my tough moments that I have decided to rant endlessly on. The big day is here. in about 4 hours I will get a knock on my door signifying my ride to M.E.P.S. from there I will get re-sworn in. Swearing my life and allegiance to the Army, then I will wait a magical 4 hours till my taxi arrives to get to the airport 2 hours before departure. Then I will be magicall wisped away to... South Carolina... wow... I'm in South Carolina :p~

After that I have very faint details of what will happen next, 2 tubes of blood, 6 shots, lots of running, and push-ups and mean people yelling in my face making me laugh... @_@

What I am trying to say is... goodbye. Thank you everybody for helping me make it this far in life, and always being there at the times I needed you most. Thank you to Ian and Tiffany for making my last day here with my friends very enjoyable. Thank you to my kind and loving parents, you have done soo much for me in the past I do not know how to repay you. Thank you to my very annoying and stupid acting sibblings, you have taught me great patience like none other lol. Thank you to Jeremy for all the times we had fun together with SCA and other stuffs. Thank you Amber A.K.A. Lace for being the best online twin sister anyone could ask for. Thank you Danny for being a good friend even though you talk loudly :D I always enjoyed dueling you and you showed me many great anime series. and mostly Last Thank you Joseph, you were the best friend I ever had, you were a great roomate, I miss hearing you sing, and watching you draw such things I couldn't draw even for a long time, I am proud to have all of you as my friends and familly. Proud and happy that you care about me as much as I care about you. I love you all and thank you. I will be back, so you can count on it!
Sincerly yours,
Chris (Wolf)

current mood: accomplished

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
2:00 am - Lazy, depressive and bored... ain't life great?
2 am in the morning, on the computer listening to old music that joseph used to sing and listen too. I should've updated sooner but here's the scoop...

Thursday June 24th, Joseph, my roomate and best friend went off to boot camp for the army >< since then I can't really sleep, and when I do its for 10-16 hours at a time. Its kinda wierd finding myself just waking up at 3 o'clock(now I know how jason feels). It's only been 4 days and I really miss him. I'm sure over time I'll get over it but for now I really need a friend. Still no hangout time with Ian, Jeremy has lost contact with me and my other friends as well. So far the only companionship that has sought me out is that of a couple 3 week old kittens, some Dr. Pepper and FFXI.

I am tired, and yet not. Here and wishing someone else was too.

I spent 4 hours yesterday setting up a stupid swimming pool my mom bought for the kids. I cut my hands up decently, and my fingures were like giant water blisters when I was done. I went out jogging (not very successful) and when I got home..... got on FFXI again. Sometimes I wonder about this non-fruitful life. Will I ever find a girl that I dont think is stupid, cares about me, is intelligent, and shares similar interests like Ian? He was smarter than me in that fashion. He found someone he loves before Joseph left, kinda wish I had. What would be sweet is if I can find a female version of joseph :P (j/k and kinda not)

It's so hard living without Joseph here. Noone to say goodnight too, noone to spar with, noone to watch me play video games and pass out behind me, noone to put on headphones and ignore me, and noone to sing to every song he knew (which was quite a few). Like I said, I'll get over it, I just need to get out more and see what few friends I have left.... especailly ever since school let out Tony's bunch of friends all went separate ways.

Well I guess I should end this rant. Thanks for listening whoever is reading out there and still cares to look at this forgoten journal. I loves you too and remember If you drink, dont drive!

current mood: gloomy

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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
7:02 pm - the long forgoten blog......
I know its been about a year or so since I've updated my LJ, anyways I just watched the first OVA of Hunter x Hunter, which means I'm towards the end of this badass series! Anyways it got me really interested in this Nen. So I had to take a quiz! O.o

Any ways here are the results.
SOUSAKA - You're neither an optimist nor a
pessimist. You see things the way they are and
you act according to how the situation calls
for you. You're mostly quiet and observant.
Ruled by your head, you don't let your emotion
get in the way of how things are supposed to

What Nen Type Would You Fall In?
brought to you by Quizilla

Anyways... Big NEWS! If you are one of mine or josephs close personal friends you have recieved an invitation (personal or not in person) to the Fabulous resteraunt Ichiban on May 21! which is by B-day!
Due to some setbacks though my last school day is one that date too. And due to that we haven't had an arranged time so if you would like to go and haven't gotten an invite yet please let me know ^_^

current mood: hyper

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Friday, November 7th, 2003
6:27 pm - Genki?
You are Genki!!!

Which Stereotypical CLAMP emotion are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I dont know how I got this with the answers I put but it looks cute. ^_^

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Monday, October 6th, 2003
3:06 pm - I just dont know
My friggin ROTC class is pissing me off, they expect me to shoot but how can a person shoot when everday some dickhead finds a way of distracting you? Today its this prick whom they named Juan, a average spanish name.... for asswipe!
so anyways I get my lane ready to fire and then I go to get my gun... and this prick goes and picks my rifle off the rack, the one I was assigned, the one I've been shooting with all year..... I confront him about it and he tells me to shove off and get "my own" rifle. So, I go to my CO (commanding officer) and explain the situation, he says Juan was assigned that rifle and I should mind my own business. So I go ask Daniel Gonzolas (another asshole) and he gives me this beat up piece of shit rifles whose sights are off and has a helluva kick to it, so I shoot horrible and my SMI (senoir military instructer) gives me a five minute lecture.

I cant take this favoritistic happy crap of a fuckin class, why..... why can't anything go right for once!

current mood: frustrated

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
3:07 pm - YAY!!!
Today I shot my very first bullseye. @ <----k
I just thought it was soooo cool I mean dead center.... then the target got kinda messed up in the next couple of shot the bullet shattered against the wood and left like a hundred tiny holes in the target .
oh well at least that made me a little happy.
My body is kinda aching from yesterdays PT (physical training) but I'm fine just have limited movement like...... I cant raise my friggin ARM!
anyways cyah

current mood: shocked

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
1:42 pm - I'm back...
Even though the stupid people never left...... Yesterday I did something bad I blew up in front of my mom and my familly. I had my own personal reasons such as: a.) stupid fuckheads at school who didn't like my product idea proposal of my beautiful wallscroll that my friend Ice so kindly drew b.) they didn't like my wallscroll cause it involved to much work on thier lazy ass part c.) since I was the group leader this guy friggin' blamed me for not having his idea picked (which was beer mugs), so he just went on and on about how my idea was stupid, and that it was too expensive(it was cheaper than his and had more of a profit margin), and just overall being immature. d.) this same exact guy wanted to exact his "revenge" on me next hour by inspecting me next in my ROTC class and giving me a friggin 1 out of 5!!! I usually get five!!!!

so I got home and got agrivated and took it out on my mom cause she started yelling at me cause my little brother wasn't doing his homework. (ok if you dont know me or my familly then you dont know shit like that just pisses me off... who'child is it anyways?)

anywho I'm sorry this is another depressing rant thingy..... I need to be mroe positive but its just hard barely hanging in there... especailly since I did "bad" on my knowledge yesterday I had 226 jumping jacks, followed by 25 push ups.... slow ones, followed by a quartermile non-walking run then finally we got a one minutes rest and then we had 25 more push-ups. I almost threw up my fricken' instestines and almost wished I had at the time.

Well I guess I have some good news I finished my alternative schooling, and I gotall good grades ^_^

Thanks to everyone supporting me on my life, laters

current mood: distressed

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Saturday, July 5th, 2003
11:16 am - Just one of those days....
This is just one of those days... One where you'd prolly be reading alot about in the nearby future if I wih to furth expand on the horrors i go through on a daily basis. Any ways this is one of those days where I'm the lucky guy who gets dumped on all the time, I'm the one who has to watch his two sisters and one terrible brother who even though he is only Six he cusses, smoke (not often), and sets fire to things (is only bad when people like him do it). Why do you ask am I given this great responsibility? Because my parents are divorced (big woop)and I am the oldest one of the familly cause my older sister decided that she had enough of it and moved out(boy I wish I had that option sometimes). So now I am stuck here all day long until my mom decides to come home from work (bless her soul (( I love her)) =Þ ). And my dad is too fucking lazy to pick them up! Anyways, like said this is just a normal routine for me...

current mood: annoyed

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Friday, July 4th, 2003
9:49 am - A Good Day (finally! thank god jump for joy)
Here is where I post something good, Today is looking to be a good forth of july. I get to hang out wih my friends, goto the mall, and get a ps2 to computer controller converter thingy. And a good day away from spending "familly time". A brighter day then yesterday, which was basically a day not to be remembered (or prefered not to). We went to a fireworks display and my mom invited the nieghbors 7 and 8 year old to come to (the nieghbors kids not the nieghbors). So not only was it stressfull beyond all belief but we had to watch twice the kids. >_<

But a good thing is me and my friend snuck into the suites section and got some majorly cool seats for teh fireworks

So all in all it should be a good day!

Happy Fourth of July!!

current mood: chipper

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
2:11 pm - stupidity
I have come here today to list my thoughts and Ideas of what stupidity, Stupidity is when you break up with your girlfriend about a year ago and she is stupid enough to stilll be coming around annoying the shit out of you and saying she wants things to be the way they were. I'm sorry but I think that is just stupid (dont mind thee redundance). stupidity is when you work for soooooo long on neopets lets say 19 months, and they freeze your account because they dont like you posting on their help section about their faulty of not building my house...... And last but not least on my stupidity list is when your my friend and you dont open your eyes to see how much I love you or anyone else loves you and you go and hurt yourself, that is sheer blunt stupidity.

::A note to all my friends if you ever find this I love you all::

current mood: exhausted

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
7:37 pm - My first post
Jeese I cant get a break can I, I go to my friends house and have a great time only to come home and find out that my gameboy was stolen by my brother, taken to his school, had his last name written on it and my pokemon yellow save data that I worked on for over a hundred hours was overwritten. Not only that but I found out that my best friend was lying to me about stuff and, i just feel kinda bad right now. on the bright side of things I guess my friend whose house I went to lent me the first castlevania game I've ever played so..... I'm just kinda confused on emotions right now

current mood: confused

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